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We can provide 4,000 Kenyan students lunch! image

We can provide 4,000 Kenyan students lunch!

Transforming communities, one child at a time.


$2,000 towards $2,500

The Umoja Partnership supports 4,000 children in western Kenya by removing barriers so they can stay in grade school. Providing lunches through our food security program is key to fueling them to stay engaged in their studies. $25 provides lunch for one student in 2022! Thanks for considering partnering with us during September - Hunger Action Month.

Learn more about our program: Food Security – Umoja Partnership

The Umoja Partnership operates in the Chulaimbo region of western Kenya, where many of our students have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. Our kids are persevering through tough socioeconomic situations, some with limited support from their families. Many people in their community are subsistence farmers; many do not have electricity or permanent home structures. Education is the key to opening opportunities to break the cycle for our students, so they can become productive and independent community members. Our graduates are more likely to be self-sufficient, engaged in healthy relationships, connected to a fulfilling career and able to "pay it forward" by mentoring other students. Our operations in Kenya are fully led by Kenyans, with our staff, local churches, teachers and guardians engaged to support our students. Your partnership for financial support helps us give our students the opportunity to excel...